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Prescription Lenses

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D I S T I N C T I V E     U N I Q U E     E Y E W E A R

As technology advances so do eyeglass lenses. In the past, eyeglass lenses were made exclusively of glass. Today, most eyeglasses are made of high-tech plastics. These new lenses are lighter, do not break as easily as glass lenses, and can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet light. All lenses at San Anselmo Optometry both Sunglasses AND Clear lenses provide UV protection.

The quality of prescription lenses can widely vary. San Anselmo Optometry uses only lenses with the highest optical standards the best anti-reflective properties and offers the thinnest lenses available.
Dr. Larry Harrison and Royce Kakar, Optician, work with each patient to determine the best eyeglass lenses to suit their new eyewear and their individual needs.

PROGRESSIVE LENSES - Importance of Selecting the Best Progressive Design.​​
Progressive lenses provide both distance, intermediate and close vision in a natural progression of power without any visible line. You may be unaware that there are over a hundred different progressive lens designs - from poor to excellent quality. 

At San Anselmo Optometry we use only the very best easy-to-adapt designs for our patients.  In addition to including your exact prescription, successful adaptation to progressive lenses depends on several critical measurements relating to the actual frame you select. We are experts at insuring your optimum vision and ease of adapting to progressive lenses.

These lenses are made from a newer plastic with similar strength characteristics of polycarbonate lenses. It is lightweight, thin, and impact-resistant and may result in better vision correction than the polycarbonate lenses.
These eyeglass lenses are the lightest and thinnest lenses available and give optimum visual quality. We typically recommend high index lenses for best comfort, appearance and optical performance.    

Proper lens design and accurate measurements by experienced optician,
Royce Kakar will insure that these lenses are successful for you.  We use only the best quality progressives from manufacturers like Nikon, Zeiss, Hoya, Shamir and Varilux to name a few.

If glare becomes a problem, consider an anti-reflective coating applied to new eyeglasses. Anti-reflective coating will reduce reflections, decrease halos around light, and create a nicer cosmetic appearance.  There are many different brands of anti-reflection coatings.  Poor coatings come with a hard to clean surface and only 1 layer of anti-reflection coatings applied.  We only use the very best Anti-Reflective coatings which have 5 layers thinner than the wavelength of light on each side of the lens to reduce glare and also clean easy and are the most scratch resistant.


If you have a favorite frame that you wish to use that is in need of repair, often we can repair your frame.  Just bring it with you and we can let you know. 

Often using a computer requires a specialized design lens to reduce the eye strain imposed by long term computer work.  By designing a special
computer eyeglass prescription optimized for desktop or laptop computer work, often eye strain is reduced 

Photochromatic lenses change from clear to sunglass dark when exposed to sunlight. However, these lenses do not darken well in a car because the windshield blocks the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Therefore, we recommend a dedicated pair of sunglasses with your prescription.

Most of our non prescription sunglasses ( like Rayban or Wiley ) can be fabricated with your own prescription. In addition, incorporating a polarization aspect within your sunglasses will considerably reduce glare. 

All lenses at San Anselmo Optometry provide built-in scratch resistant coatings which provide the best surface against any scratches.  We do recommend you use the cleaning cloth we provide and also the lens cleaner we provide you. 

All lenses both sunglasses AND clear everyday lenses at San Anselmo Optometry include ultraviolet protection against harmful UV sun rays.  
UV radiation has been shown to increase dry eyes, retinal issues and cataract formation.