My passion is helping you select your new look. My goal is to find you the frame which is the most comfortable and pleasing of any you have ever had. 

Together, we will locate the optimum frame shape, color and material which brings out all the image qualities you are seeking and fulfills aspects you require for work and pleasure activities. If desired, bring clothing or jewelry of the colors you often wear or we can just discuss this at your visit.

I give you 100% of my personal attention and 17 years of expertise. 

I have selected each-and-every frame in our eyewear collection from hundreds of eyewear brands around the world. I believe, and patients have commented that, our eyewear collection comprises one of the most unique. exciting and innovative frame selection in Marin.   

Selecting the best eyewear for you requires taking a multitude of factors into consideration. Some of which are:

  • Making Comfort the top priority
  • Learning about 'You' and offering options that project the image you are seeking
  • Introducing you to new eyewear trends that might not be your initial choice
  • Analyzing the "Total Fit" -  not just shape and color but overall image with lenses in place
  • Taking special care to be sure the nose area of frame rests comfortably 
  • Being sure the ear side piece is long enough to insure they stay secure on your face
  • Choosing the proper frame shape and frame size to keep the lenses thinnest
  • Selecting the best lens material for clear vision and lens thinness
  • Analyzing which Progressive lens design, when needed, will insure best adaptation
  • Properly adjusting your new eyeglasses on dispensing

I will show you the
newest eyewear trends along with more traditional brands. Over the 17 years helping patients, I can suggest shapes and colors which give you that new look that might not have been your first inclination. I also will let you know when something does NOT look good or flattering on you.  

Very often, people have commented on how they love their new eyewear and how often they receive many compliments on their new look. All our frames and prescription lenses are completely
guaranteed for 2 years against breakage or scratches.  We will replace them free. 

Feel free to drop by anytime and browse our selection.

I look forward to meeting you.

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