​​Expert Contact Lens Fitting
Over many years, I have developed an expertise in fitting all types of contact lenses including astigmatic, extended wear (overnight) and multifocal (bifocal lenses).  My special interest is in finding solutions for those who've not been successful in the past with contact lenses.  There are often ways to improve your comfort or vision. Sometimes, it's just using newer contact lens materials and other times it's 'thinking outside the box' and developing unique personalized solutions for your needs. 

Contact Lens Fitting Fees
Fitting fees vary depending on each individual situation. If you're wearing lenses already and they are comfortable then there may be no fitting fee to renew your prescription. For minor changes in your lens fitting there may be a small fee that will be discussed before we proceed. Please bring a sample of an unopened contact lens if you currently wear lenses.

However, if we need to 'start over' and change your fit or you are a new contact lens wearer, then a contact lens fitting and complete follow up fee is charged. 

$170  Standard contact lens fitting which includes all follow up visits

$310  Astigmatic contact lens fitting which includes all follow up visits. It is very important that even small changes in how the contact lens rotates can improve the astigmatism correction for best vision.

$460  multifocal-bifocal contact lens fitting including follow up visits​​. Small changes in lens power and design can be the difference between success and failure in wearing multifocal soft contacts. Multiple follow up visits insure you have the very best power and lens design.

$  45   If you need lens insertion and removal instruction

Contact Lens Services 
Fitting fees are a 'one time' cost you pay that includes the extra testing and all follow-up contact lens visits during the fitting process.  Unlike some offices who may spend little time in perfecting your lens fit, I review any improvements that occur on your follow up visits.  I wear contacts and spend as much time with your eyes as I would my own.

These are some of the extra procedures your contact fitting fee covers:


  • Corneal radius measurements to insure correct contact lens curve
  • Evaluation by corneal microscope for proper lens movement and fit
  • Comparison of specifications or changes to other brands when indicated
  • Testing with contact lenses in place for any prescription changes
  • Any and all lenses provided during the initial fitting process
  • Follow up visits to evaluate fit and comfort
  • Any and all contact lens visits during fitting and up to 6 months after

At the conclusion of the fitting process when we know exactly your contact lens prescription, you will receive a complete copy of your contact lens prescription.  

contact lens fitting

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