We carry many frame companies who specialize in children's eyewear and also other brands that offer their frames in smaller sizes for children. 

It is very important that children get their eyes examined before they enter school. There are many issues that may lower your child's academic performance that you may wish to read about at 
Your Child's Eyes.

It goes without saying that both durability and style are very important in children's eyewear. 
Royce Kakar, Optician, understands how important a child's self esteem and involvement is during the process of choosing eyewear and in making the entire process positive and enjoyable.

Note:   We are happy to provide free eye exams for any child under 18 years old. Also, if you cannot afford eyeglasses for your child just mention that to Royce and we will happily provide free eyeglasses along with a free eye exam.

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